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For users who would like to get an advanced support beyond the scope of classical bug-tracking system and discussion forum, or users who simply need stable and reliable partner when doing development of their phpMyEdit-based application, Platon Group presents the phpMyEdit Support Program, which is available for sale since December 2005.

Our skilled engineering team offers three support services:

Basic Support

Basic Support program presents an e-mail support at address with reaction time within the 24 hours, most-likely earlier. Provided advices includes links to the web resources and example configurations, if neccessary.

Annual subscription:   $79 / €69   (first year)
Next subscriptions:   $59 / €49   (2nd and further years)

Advanced Support

In addition to the Basic Support program, Advanced Support program adds ICQ instant messaging communication and troubleshooting. ICQ number will be provided after the ordering the program.

Annual subscription:   $169 / €139   (first year)
Next subscriptions:   $129 / €109   (2nd and further years)

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support includes Basic & Advanced Support and extends the program with the phone support. It is available during Central Europen business hours from 9:00 to 18:00. Dedicated Support may be available also earlier or longer in the day; it is OK to try a call outside the business hours. Support phone number & ICQ number will be provided after ordering the program.

Annual subscription:   $249 / €209   (first year)
Next subscriptions:   $189 / €159   (2nd and further years)

Contact Us or mail us at if you are interested in certain Support Program or you have any question.

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