Instant MySQL Table Editor and PHP Code Generator

Features & Requirements

phpMyEdit has a huge amount of very useful features. See this partial list for the detail. To get an overview of all the possibilities that phpMyEdit can offer to you, please refer to the screenshots or download the software and give it a try!


The most important features offered by phpMyEdit are:

  • table manipulation code generation
  • record addition, change, view, copy and removal
  • table paging, sorting and filtering
  • lookups into other tables (1:M bindings)
  • permission configuration
  • multiple navigation style possibilities
  • output design control using CSS
  • logging user actions
  • multilanguage support
  • ability to extend base class

and many others.


phpMyEdit requires a web server. We recommend nginx or Apache, but it will work with others too. Then it needs PHP interpreter without any special modules and MySQL relational database management system. That's all!

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