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Very recently came aross the PHPMyEdit site. It is really a fantastic work and well thought of. Hats off to you all who have contributed to this.
Narayanan Neelakantan

I've been working with phpMyEdit for some web applications and it's a great tool! simple and powerful
Ermete Gaudenzi
July 2007

phpMyEdit is an ingenious piece of software that can generate a functional Web interface in a matter of minutes -- no PHP programming skills required. Although phpMyEdit hides the complexity of generating a PHP-based interface, it still offers an easy-to-use yet powerful mechanism to customize virtually any aspect of the created front end.
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Dmitri Popov
March 2007

phpMyEdit offers a free, fast, and easy method of displaying MySQL data on a web server. One script is created for each MySQL table, and that script enables users to add, change, view, delete, list, and search database records. An included class file does all the hard work, including creating forms and queries when requested. Support is available through documentation and a searchable forum located at
Doug Hockinson
Denver, Colorado
June 2006

I really appreciate working with PME and am amazed at the huge variety of options it offers. My congratulations!
Christian Assenbaum
Ostfildern, Germany
March 2006

i'm writing to you about phpmyedit. This mail is just to let you know that your software is very beautiful. Flexible, stable, well-documented and really useful and easy to use. I honestly think that is better than a lot of similar commercial solutions. I hope you all will keep up the good work for us, out there.
Emilio Giulio Orsenigo
March 2006

I've recently bought the export extension from you guys. It's working really well and was easy to setup. Thanks!
Martin Mills
Oxford, England
June 2007

Also, thanks for creating such a great product as phpMyEdit. I have been very impressed and pleased with it.
Philip Quinn
San Francisco, California
June 2006

Excuses my english, it is not my mother tongue. I use PhpMyEdit. I think it is a very good software and easy to use. Congratulations.
Nicolas Samaras
Paris, France
June 2006

Might I say that your product has been taking up most of my time for the last few weeks since I discovered it. PhpMyEdit is FANTASTIC I really like it a lot. I am integrating it into a complete database management application and learning how it all works.
Mark McIntyre
June 2006

BTW, I have been enjoying using phpMyEdit. I am just beginning to explore its many features. I tried out PHP Runner but I found phpMyEdit suitable for my needs at the moment.
Michael Cook
April 2006

I have been looking into your project phpMyEdit and I'd like to congratulate you guys for a great little tool! The code is neat and tidy, and easy to understand. And the features are very interesting.
Dominic Eales
April 2006
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