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Payment & Buy Options

If you would like to purchase a phpMyEdit product or service from Platon Group, you need to carry out the payment first. As it is stated in our price list pages, you can pay in American Dollars (USD) or Euros (EUR).

There are two payment options - PayPal transfer and wired bank transfer.

PayPal Transfer

You provide payment to our American PayPal account Your own PayPal account or valid Credit Card is required.

Just click on the following button:

On the following page, fill-in the product name and price. In the description field please provide your credentials, so that we can easily identify your payment.

Bank Wire Transfer

You provide wire payment to our Slovak bank account. Our bank is CSOB.

In this case we add 3 EUR as a recipient bank fees. Possible currency conversion is done on our side.

Here is our bank account information:

IBAN: SK04 7500 0000 0000 2662 9093

Please allow 3 to 6 business days for payment arrival.

In both cases, we will issue an invoice for you.
We need the following information for this purpose:

  • personal or business name
  • street & number
  • postal code and city
  • state and country

Thank you for your business & support!

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