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phpMyEdit is a MySQL table editor and code generator. phpMyEdit generates PHP code for displaying/editing MySQL tables in HTML. It includes a huge set of table manipulation functions like record adition, change, view, copy, and removal, table sorting, filtering, table lookups, and many more.

We believe that phpMyEdit is sufficient for high number of users and we are very proud of code released as an open source to the community. However there are certain situations, when some advanced functionality is needed. For these cases we provide commercial products and phpMyEdit-export extension is one of them.


Whether you are familiar or not with phpMyEdit project, phpMyEdit-export extension can be very handy and useful for you. While preserving common phpMyEdit features, this product can export any database table into the certain type of file. We bundle the following set of exports:

  • simple HTML export
  • CSV (comma-separated values) export
  • Excel export (XLS)
  • Word export (DOC)
  • table-like Word export

Moreover, with provided simple and consistent API, you can define any custom report you like. Existing reports can be altered to fulfill any particular needs. Does not matter if you need table-like or card-like report, phpMyEdit-export support both types.

Contact & Purchase

Functionality included in the phpMyEdit-export extension can save you hours of development time. If you would like to purchase product, please contact us or write us at and we will contact you shortly. We currently offer these payment possibilities. For direct and fast purchase via our website click on the PayPal image on the right side.

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